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Roger Moss

It is very heart warming to know that we can help our fellow owners who speak different languages. Perhaps now we need some headings or statements to make things easier.
These are my first thoughts, so please all contribute your ideas.
1) We need national flags of different languages, which when clicked will give some basic instructions about how to log on and make a contribution to our message board.
2) If anyone familiar with that language, reads it, they can post a translation underneath, so we poor mortals who are nor multi lingual, can offer help on the subject.
3) A person familiar with the language can translate a synopsis of the replies.
What about that for a sequence, but please add your thoughts and see what we can come up with.
As Regards the Cyc Auto, I dredged out some info for an owner in the Isle of Man about a year ago and I will submit that for translation.
Other than that, if anyone has first hand knowledge of Cyc Auto, please throw your hat into the ring!
Kindest Regards to you all