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Roger Moss

With the availability of works records, the days are gone when the number of “genuine Sprint Specials” and “TT Bikes” can be added to without fear of discovery.
The bike is traceable through at least five previous owners. When one talks to any of these owners and tells them of the historic treasure that slipped through their hands, the first reaction is to have a good laugh.
Later, however, you consider the thought of someone creating this story to hike the price you realise that however honest the intention of the engineering, that this deception brings shame on the seller.
I just hope that anyone that thinks about buying this will check with the SOC first. The seller is the same person I met in Santa Barbara in 1995 when he explained his goal to put a blower in this flyer. He got the bike from Clive Waye who took me to see it. No mention of Works TT bike then!