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Rod Norris

Hi Martin,
Sorry to hear about your accident, hope you are well on the road to recovery. Unfortunately we have to ride and think for all other road users but even doing this cannot cover all incidents. I commute to Manchester every day on my modern bike and generally cars are very good and leave room for me to filter. Just every so often someone will shoot out without any signal or hint they were going to do so. Infact the other week a young woman using her mobile decide to cut across from the inside lane (3 lanes) and turn right without any signal or hint whatsoever! She’d seen a gap on the other side of the road (also 3 lanes) and it must have been a shortcut for her. I was fortunate and missed her by inches. You obviously weren’t so fortunate.
How are you going on with the repairs? Will you be doing them yourself or will the Insurance company be doing it?
Take care