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Once I have my bike license (I am in the process of getting it) I will ride his, but I want my own, at least I will be able to do what I like to it, and if I accidentaly scratch it or damage it it will be my own problem! (not that I plan on doing that of course…)

It’s mostly because I plan on doing a few trips on the scott. I currently ride on old mopeds, I have done a few trips, my biggest trip was 1500km on my own on a rusty old 1963 Peugeot BB3SP sports moped. Of course I had to fix it a few times on the side of the road, but that’s the fun of it. I went to spain, through the pyrenees and montserrat, all the way to Valencia. Some of the roads were lovely and I could only dream of riding a Scott up the Montserrat mountains…

I do plan on using his quite a bit, but I will never have as much fun on it as if it was mine. I had the same with his BSA Bantam. I had lots of fun on his, but now I have my own, I can do what I like to it. It doesn’t mean I will paint it metallic red with flames on it, it just means that if I want to change the gearing, the adjustments, and a couple of accessories, I won’t even need to ask, and I know that I will also be able to make the most out of the engine… (without blowing it!)

I’m hoping I can get around 10000€ for my car, it’s an old MEsserschmitt KR200. It’s a project, but a restored one just sold for 56000€… (which is crazy!), if that can get me a scott, I would be the happiest kid (wait, am I still a kid?) in the world.