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Thanks for the link, I found it a few minutes ago. It’s nearly what I’m looking for, but it looks like it has been bodged (brake pedal, footrests, seat, numberplate). I find the price too high for what it is, and I’m guessing other people think the same as me, seeing as it is still for sale. What do you think?

One big problem with that bike is that it has foot gears, and one of the things I love about the scott is the “deadly” gearchange. I love it so much, I built my own moped (a bitza) inspired bythe scott. The only resemblance is the hand gear change, but it’s thanks to the scott that I actually built it!
If I end up getting a foot gear change scott, is it easy to convert it to hand gear change, or is the complete gearbox different? I’m guessing the gearbox assembly would be different as the hand gear change one wouldn’t have the “ratchet”.
Same goes for the brake pedal. I love the design of the inverted brake lever on my fathers TT rep, it’s so simple yet “elegant”.

I’m sorry if I’m a pain with all of these questions, but I don’t want to buy the wrong bike.

Thanks in advance,