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When the Sammy Miller one was road-tested by Philip Tooth for one of the ‘Classic’ magazines a few years ago, they had a problem with the radiator boiling with little provocation . They should have consulted me because I have a set of the original operating instructions, typewritten not printed, and they specify that there should only be Glycol in the cooling system, like an aircraft, plus “an eggcupfull of soluble oil” !!! Only the Brits…….
I don’t know if the bike in the National Museum has got any pistons in it, because the ones originally in it, when sold by Nottingham Scott dealer George Richards, to Alan Pyatt, a local timber yard owner, are on the shelf in my workshop. I was given them by Vic Kemp, and he got them from George Spray, who was the mechanic for George Richards.
I’ve just tried to find those operating instructions, with no success, but if they come to light they will make an interesting article for Yowl, copy to Sammy Miller, copy to National Museum, plus ransom note for three Three pistons….