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Without knowing the OD of your fork stem I can’t be sure about availability, so let us know what it is, typically 1-1/16″ or 1-1/8″, but I got some genuine Timken ones last year from “Rollerball Bearings” in Nottingham last year. They were not off-the-shelf stock, so had to be ordered, but arrived the following day. Vintage Bearings in Burton-on-Trent can also help, but tend to be more expensive than Rollerball Bearings. Incidentally, the TT Rep was last made in 1934, so I’m a bit puzzled by your 1939 dating ! The taper roller type headstock was also discontinued at about the same time, when cups and balls type bearings were standardised. The OD of the forkstem varied according to the make of fork that is fitted, ie. Webb, Brampton, or Scott.