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Hello Gents,

Just wanted to let you all know that I got the barrel off!!!!!

The chemical solution I spoke of along with a large puller and .a variable speed air gun did the trick after I had separated the barrel from the block in the usual manor off backing off the four barrel bolts and using a small piece of 2×4 and mallet to free it from the block which had also free up the right piston. At that point I had the surface of the barrel to clamp the puller on and then just pulled the barrel back off the left piston. I’ve removed the pistons and con rods and will need to remove the crank because water had mixed with the oil and got behind the crank on the left side so it needs to come down for a full inspection. I’ve got a machine shop to inspect the barrel for me and they say they can fix the head so I’ll see what comes of that before I start making a parts list.

I guess my first question would be is there one vendor or person that I can get all the engine internal parts when I decide what I need or will I have several vendors. Any information on that would be a big help at this point.