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richard tann

Only the webmaster has access to the main website, concerns about out-of-date information on it are beyond the influence of the Shuttleworth organiser.

A few friends have been helping Richard Martin, myself with ‘The Gathering’ part of the Shuttleworth event, and have been posting details on the adjacent ” ‘Scotting’ Events ” forum as well as announcements in Yowl and the Old Bike Mart. These are the best means available to us, we had hoped it would be enough. My first posting announcing ‘The Gathering’ date was on the 18th February.

We have made it clear that RM does not have Internet access, but if you ‘phone him to discuss your concerns, you will find him very helpful. There are about 40 booked in to the event for the whole weekend. The Sunbeam Club was approached to increase the numbers, but to no avail.

RM deserves the Club’s gratitude for the effort he has put in to this new event, it hasn’t been easy, and we trust it goes well.

Richard Tann