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Hello together!
John Underhill loaned my his Scott picture collection (1000…) for next years calendar and i´ll be scanning and sitting inside the house until September. Some of them have a grainy surface, these are inpossible to scan. So i tried another way.
As suggestion, i found it much easier to take a SLR-Nikon D70 digital camera with a macro-lens in a selfmade reprostand. This is also much quicker. This could also be a way to make fast and good repros of the Yowl articles. 2 pictures must be done, 1 for the text and 1 for the pictures as they need a different setting. But the cameraand the page are always at the same place, so it´s easy to replace the pictures in the text.
I could make some examples if wanted, let me know to whom i shall send it.
With my best regards, Ela