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Roger Moss

If we want something done, it will not do it itself so we must discuss and agree the most viable method, have it costed and present it.
It seems that the majority of the management comittee do not have computors, so understandably perhaps, do not see the need for such developments. I, however, am concerned for new members and the future, so want tp progress this now I am officially on the management committee.
I give my word that I will not stand any ill treatment of anyone involved.
I am a peaceable man, but will not stand by and see those who try and help abused for their pains.
Perhaps when we have collected a good few suggestions and whatever costings and relevant info we can get, then we should have a meeting to agree the best option and how it should be implemented.
If I present it on your behalf to the rest of the Management committee, then it should go through.
Ted Parkin put in a resolution at this years AGM that the club fund Technicalities on CD ROM. To be honest, this years AGM was a bit chaotic and we still have not received official minutes of the meeting. I can not personally remember this item. If Ted says it was lodged, then it was so.
Does anyone who was there remember it?
Kind Regards