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Roger Moss

What we need is to help ourselves in whatever way we can.
I do not have the best memory in the world and so had a useful reminder from my good friend, Gill Swann.
Gill reminded me that a motion was put to the 2004 AGM and passed to the effect that the club would fund the Technicalities on CD ROM.
Great! I did not see any mention as to whether this was to defray the costs of a volunteer, or a commercial cost, so it can be either.
It seems that in this case, we only need to decide what is technically the best solution and get quotes. The job is up to us to arrange and Please, Please, Please, remember, that I welcome absolutely all and any suggestions and help.
I was born 100% ignorant and it is my fervent desire to die not more than 99.5% ignorant! I try to learn a little every day and if anyone can give me new information, or logically show me where I have been wrong, then I will be eternally thankful to that person.
So there you are! A bottomless pit of ignorance to be filled!
Very Kindest Regards